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Reviews of Teodoro Morca's Flamenco Performances

Morca Flamenco information

2011 Guest Artist in San Antonio, Texas

'Pasión' brings together dancers of various generations (excerpts)

2009 Kudos and Awards

"Dance Magazine" honored Teo Morca with an article in their September 2009 issue, written by Ninotchka Bennahum. Read the story at their website.

Teo Morca was honored by "The 2009 Dance Teacher Awards" in the July 2009 "Dance Teacher" magazine. Read the article PDF (2.4 meg) open with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

"Este concierto es puro postre"

El bailarín gitano Teo Morca protagoniza dos noches de flamenco
Cultura 8 VIVA, La Nacion, Viernes 24 de Octubre del 2003 (Maria Montero)

Para Teodoro Morca, "concierto" y "reunión familiar" se han convertido en sinónimos: tras 50 años de vida artística y 40 de ofrecer espectáculos como solista, este bailarín de origen húngaro, nacido en Los Ángeles, considera a sus compañeros de escenario como "sangre de su sangre."

Read the full article.

Ductilidad Flamenca: Flamenco en Concierto.

{critica de danza} Marta Ávila

CoreografÍa y bailaor: Teo Morca.
Invitados: Gerardo Alcalá, guitarrista;
Chayito Champion, cantaora y bailaora;
y Marija Temo, guitarrista, cantaora y bailaora.
Sábado 25 de octubre de 2003.
Teatro Eugene O'Neill, 8 pm

Nacido en Los Ángeles les, pero de origen húngaro, el bailaor, coreógrafo y maestro Teo Morca dio un recital de flamenco para celebrar cuatro décadas como solista. Este bailarín, cuya trayectoria en la danza sobrepasa 50 años e incluye presentaciones en importantes escenarios junto a grandes figuras, está en Costa Rica.

Read the full article.

Flamenco Choreography

"A remarkable performing artist and skilled choreographer." Juilliard School

"Creatively choreographed and brilliantly danced, the intense drama of 'En Las Minas de Cobre' offered a deeply moving theatre experience." Viola Swisher, Dance Magazine.

"The Morcas expand Flamenco Dancing. The three pieces to J.S. Back were a happy marriage of music, strong body line, and heel work that lovingly combined with the score." Byrne Miller, Jacob's Pillow, Journal

Teaching Flamenco

"Compelling technique--a shrewd sense of artistry." The New York Times

"He is a superb artist and excellent teacher." Ted Shawn

Flamenco Performance

"The concert fascinated Morca's audience." Dance Magazine

"Rich toned castanets did their dramatic dance of sound, soft and delicate, or in impassioned crescendos, the concert fascinated Morca's audience." Viola Swisher, Dance Magazine.

"A shrewd sense of artistry. The hit of the afternoon at Jacob's Pillow." Anna Kisselgoff, New York Times

"The Morcas were absolutely brilliant, infusing every dance with the exciting artistry that transcends technique and that technique looked grand enough." Carol Beers, Seattle Times

"A beautiful and exciting artist." Rudolph Serkin

"I have never seen two artists who could hold an audience spellbound for two hours, and then have that same audience ask for more and yet more." W. A. Gregory Dean, College of Fine and Performing Arts, Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington.

"The beauty, poetry, and motion of flamenco guitar had certainly captivated the audience. Seeing Morca Dance Theatre in the impressive Capt Bougainvillea Theatre was an unforgettable experience." The New Zealand Advocate

"Morca was brilliant. He executed the best footwork and palmas I have ever heard." Walter Terry

"It is indeed rare that a hardened critic is left gasping for breath, yet such was the case for the concert of Senor Morca. He is not only the most exciting Spanish dancer, male or female, that I have ever seen, but far away the most consummate and sensitive artist. Teodoro Morca has that rare talent and accomplished artistry to impress even the most blase concert-goer." World and Music critic of Los Angeles, Henry Roth, after seeing a solo concert.

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